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Human Remedies is a holistic, pain relief therapy and wellness method. I believe that everyone, at any age, can reset their body and mind and thrive, when treated with the Bowen technique. Gentle, hands-on physical therapy is performed in sequences around the spine, pelvis and shoulders followed by other joints and muscles of the body, where issues may exist. The Bowen technique treatment is deeply relaxing. Furthermore, the technique generates an auto-regulation response from your fascia, muscles and nervous system which can provide pain relief, improve range of motion, stress relief, anxiety relief, improve digestion, breathing, sleep, energy, mental clarity and more. The Bowen technique was formed in the 1950s by Tom Bowen, in Australia.

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It really is as gentle as this!

“I visited Paris with headaches and shoulder issues.After my first session my headaches have gone from virtually daily to just one in a week, huge improvement! After my second session today, I was wowed at the difference in the range of movement with my shoulders, incredible! If you haven’t tried Paris and the Bowen technique, you must!”

Vicky D, Eaglescliffe

Everyone should enjoy life without being limited by…

Aches and pains


Poor range of motion


“My headaches have literally gone after 3 treatments, I had been suffering with headaches for more than 11 years. My breathing is so much better and I stopped needing the inhaler which I started using after Covid. My low back has stopped hurting. I sleep better, I feel better and I have more energy. Simply amazing!”

Katy J, Stockton on Tees

Let me help you with…

Improved muscle flexibility

Improved joint mobility

Improved energy levels

A more efficient immune system

Reducing stress & anxiety

Lymphatic drainage

Repetitive strain injuries

Pain relief

Headaches & migraine relief

Ready to feel better?