Here’s my STORY

So.. chronic pain is NOT normal!
Even though most of us have been conditioned to believe that it’s “Just the way it is” or “It’s a part of getting older”

The truth is…
There’s ALWAYS a reason we’re experiencing pain (and if we can find it, we can solve it).

The problem?
The SOURCE of chronic pain is rarely the PLACE where we’re in pain.

Knees can hurt if the ankles, hips, and shoulders don’t move well…
Back pain often comes from a shoulder or hip imbalance…

Foot or ankle pain can come from how the entire body leans forward, making the feet work harder to keep the body upright (MIND BLOWN ?)

After suffering with pain and limited range of motion in my right shoulder for years, which caused me to tear my anterior deltoid (front of shoulder muscle) twice, I spent years chasing the SYMPTOMS of my pain and running around in circles.

And it wasn’t until I discovered how to solve the SOURCE of my pain, through the BOWEN Technique, that I finally overcame my injury and reclaimed control of my mood (chronic pain affects that), my energy, my fitness.

Following my journey, I decided to qualify as a fitness instructor, then as a mobility coach, I then studied anatomy, physiology and pathology and last but not least I trained and qualified with distinction as a Bowen Therapist!

I will never stop learning but I can now focus my energy to helping other people experience the same emotional and physical benefits.
I am helping people of all ages and backgrounds move better, feel better and overcome chronic pain for GOOD!

“As we age, it’s even more important to keep moving, pain free, and have sufficient flexibility and muscle strength for every day life. Paris knows exactly how to go about helping you achieve this. Highly recommended.”

Jean E, Retired Teacher

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