What clients say

As we age, it’s even more important to keep moving, be pain free, and have sufficient flexibility and muscle strength for every day life. Paris knows exactly how to go about helping you achieve this. I would highly recommend Paris and his holistic approach.

Jean E, Ingleby Barwick

Due to poor posture and due to my sports activity, I suffered with low back and shoulder pain for years. I am so happy that I went to see Paris. The pain is gone and I am moving much better. I feel amazing.

Jamie W, Ingleby Barwick

After just 3 therapy sessions with Paris, my elbow Bursitis has disappeared. My shoulders range of motion has improved significantly. I am now sleeping better too and feeling well. Superb results.

Nigel B, Darlington

I suffered with upper back and neck pain for years. Being a teacher and having to lean over daily was causing me great pain and keeping me up at night. After 3 sessions, I am pain free. My shoulders range of motion has improved dramatically and I am sleeping better. Very happy indeed.

Emma S, Darlington

I have suffered with lower and upper back pain for years due to my desk based job. A couple of days after the first treatment I felt noticeably better physically and my energy levels increased dramatically. Having completed 3 treatments, I am pain free. My posture has improved, I feel less tense and my sleep is now amazing.

Angela M, Middlesbrough

Just over a week ago, I went to see Paris at Human Remedies. I have been suffering with long COVID for over 20 months, not sleeping well and not being able to breathe properly. Well, I am pleased to say that with just one session, I have slept so well, waking up feeling rested. My breathing has been so much better and I stopped using the inhaler. I can’t recommend Paris and Human Remedies highly enough.

Nichola K, Ingleby Barwick

Due to a bad cycling accident I had corrective surgery on my right shoulder several years ago. Since then I have had pain on a daily basis and a limited range of motion. My sleep was also impacted. After just a handful of sessions with Paris, the pain is gone, my range of motion is great and I sleep much better. Simply amazing.

Drew S, Ingleby Barwick

I had a treatment today from Paris. After a thorough and very professional consultation and explanation Paris started to straighten me up, help with my very tight left side, helped me with my right side lung issues (I am asthmatic)and I was left very relaxed with more movement that I have had in a long time. Can’t recommend Paris enough, such an amazing treatment. Thank you.

Karin J, Stockton on Tees

After 5 months of living with ligament damage & numerous hospital appointments I had given up hope of my ankle healing. Following 1 session with Paris, I immediately saw huge improvement & after 3 consecutive weeks I was delighted to finally feel stable & strong enough to exercise again. Couple this with relaxation, better sleep & improved overall mobility & it’s a win for me all around. I’m so grateful to have discovered the Bowen technique & the advice from Paris has been invaluable. Highly recommended!

Lyndsey B, Ingleby Barwick.

When I went to see Paris, I was suffering with digestive issues, migraines, low back and hip pain, and sciatica. After the first treatment, which was deeply relaxing, I immediately felt better. An overall feeling of wellbeing was evident within 2 days! I am really excited to say that after 3 treatments, all of the issues that were present when I went to see Paris for the first time, have gone! I feel really well mentally and physically. Highly recommended!

Richard W, Ingleby Barwick

My headaches have literally gone after 3 treatments, I had been suffering with headaches for more than 11 years. My breathing is so much better and I stopped needing the inhaler which I started using after Covid. My low back stopped hurting. I sleep better, I feel better and have more energy. Simply amazing!

Katy J, Stockton on Tees

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